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Rights at a glance

We know rights can be complicated. But because you, the Google Play artist hub account owner, are representing that you possess all the necessary rights required, it’s critical that you understand these rights before using the artist hub.

If Google has been made aware, or has reason to believe, that you have not secured the rights to a specific piece of third-party content uploaded to your artist hub account, we may ask you to verify your rights to use the content in question. If you are unable to provide such verification for any particular item, we may not allow that content to be published, or may remove it if already published. Using third-party content without authorization can carry significant penalties, including (but not limited to) loss of your Google Play artist hub account as well as monetary damages, should the copyright owner decide to pursue action against you.

If you infringe someone else's rights, it can lead to the termination of your account and subject you to legal action from the copyright owners. No one wants that.

Google cannot provide you any rights advice. But because we take rights very seriously, we wanted to at least provide a starting point for you to get educated.

As a reminder, all content that you submit through the Google Play artist hub--including your artist introduction and all artist photos--must be entirely original and/or you must have all the rights required to publish it on Google Play.

Google Play artist hub feature Rights to understand
Claim or create a Google Play store page
Upload an artist photo
Upload an album image
Upload your original music
  • Copyright to the sound recording and the composition
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