Submit your albums

Once you've claimed and published your Google Play store page and created an album, you can work on publishing your music to Google Play.

Note that you need to publish your Google Play store page before you can publish any album content. If your Google Play store page is not published, you will need to publish it before any of the albums that you create in the artist hub will go live.

To publish an album after it has been created, make sure that you click the Submit button after reviewing your album in the last state of the album creation process. It will take some time for us to review your album and push the album live to Google Play.

To publish your album:

  1. Log into your Google Play artist hub account.
  2. Under the Artists & Music tab, click the Upload & Edit Music button.
  3. Find the album that you'd like to publish.
  4. Complete all steps of the album creation process
  5. In Step Five, click Submit.

Once your album has been approved for publication, you will receive a notification email from the artist support team. You can search at to ensure that the album has been published, or you can check out the publication status of the album in the artist hub. If you have questions about the publication status of your album, please contact artist support.