Edit albums

When setting up your album for Google Play, you will have the option to set several metadata fields. When editing your album information, take note of the following:

  • The Release Date is the date that the album is released. A future release date can be used for upcoming releases.
  • It is the artist's responsibility to give users accurate information about a track containing explicit material or that has been edited to remove explicit material. We reserve the right to correct inaccurate settings, but it's the artist hub user's job to get it right. Please review our policy on explicit content if you have any questions.
  • Select whether or not to include your album in Google Play Music's subscription service.
  • Check the pricing of your tracks, reading this article about track and album pricing.
  • Setting your genres can be an important factor in getting music customers to your catalog. Read our article about setting your album and track genres for more information.
  • You can add optional UPC/EAN numbers to your albums, to report these numbers to Soundscan. Please note that these will only be reported for new sales moving forward, not retroactively.

Album Type

  • LP: A standard, full-length studio album.
  • Single: A single-track recording of a song that may also contain remixes or B-Sides.
  • EP: A short album longer than a single, but too short to qualify as a full-length album or LP.
  • Greatest Hits: A collection of previously-released songs or "best of" collection.
  • Live Album: An album recorded during stage performances or live concerts.

Note that selecting your album type will determine where the album will show in your displayed discography: all LP releases will display first, in chronological order, then all Greatest Hits albums, followed by all Singles and EPs. Any additional album types will be listed last.

Release Type

  • Regular: Standard-format audio recording, such as an EP or LP.
  • Remix: An alternative version of an album that contains remixed versions of previously-released content.
  • Bonus Tracks: An album that contains extra music which has been included on specific releases or reissues of an album.
  • Remaster: Is a remastered version of a previously existing recording.
  • Super Audio: A recording taken from a high-resolution optical disc.

Note that you will need to also upload an album image before publishing your album. Please read this article on album image.