Marketing and promotions on Google Play

Once you’ve set up your Google Play artist hub account, you will want to let your existing fans know that you're a part of Google Play. That way they can easily find your music and share it with friends.

Ideas for selling your music via the Google Play artist hub

When you go direct with Google Play, you can control your own sales strategies. We know that can be very daunting, especially if you are a new artist. Here are some things you can do with Google Play to drive more sales:

  • Share new demos with your fans. Are you considering making a new album? Want some feedback from your most loyal fans? Why not upload your tunes to the Google Play store for a limited time? You control the pricing and can set your own promotion durations. Just unpublish the content when you are ready to end the promotion.
  • Sell live or acoustic recordings. Why not make some of your live recordings available to the fans that were there to witness the show? This is a special moment that a fan will want to keep with them.
  • Participate in Google Play pricing promotions at no cost to you. Google Play, on occasion, runs special features (i.e. Best Up-and-Coming Artists) and pricing promotions. If Google Play highlights one of your tracks or albums in a special pricing promotion, you will still earn the amount shown in the Your Earnings section within the artist hub.

Tell Us Your Story

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