Understanding content publication status

If you have submitted content for publication through Google Play artist hub, you will see one of five statuses once you have published an album or other content on your Google Play store page:

  • Unpublished: Your Google Play store page or album has yet to be published. For instructions on publishing your Google Play store page, go here. For instructions on publishing albums, go here. When you publish your Google Play store page or album, it will enter a basic policy review before it is made live on Google Play.
  • Pending, in review: Your Google Play store page or album is not yet live, while we do a basic policy review. You will not be able to edit the data while in a Pending state. Please check back in two business days to confirm your page is published.
  • Available Soon on Google Play store: Your Google Play store page has been reviewed and is currently on it's way to publish on the store. Please allow up to one business day for your music to complete the publishing process.
  • Published: Your store page has been published on Google Play. Visit play.google.com/music and search for your store page or album. Changes may take a few hours to appear live on Google Play, so hang tight if you don't see them live quite yet. If your store page has not published one business day after submitting, then please contact us.
  • Attention!: Your album is not published because it may not comply with our policies. If your status is "Attention!", you will be contacted by email with further details.