Album creation

Once you have activated your Google Play artist hub account, and created a Google Payments Merchant Center account, you can create as many albums as you would like to sell on Google Play. This includes new demos, live recordings and studio tracks.

When you create a new album, you will be taken through an easy step-by-step process to edit album info, upload album art, upload your audio tracks and edit track information, set pricing, and then review your album before submitting for a basic review to the artist support team and having it go live on Google Play. At any time during the album creation process, you can save progress by clicking Save for Later.

To get started creating an album in the Google Play artist hub:

  1. First login to the Google Play artist hub.
  2. Under the Artists & Music tab, click the Upload & Edit Music button.
  3. Click the New Album icon.
  4. You will first be asked to edit your album information: title, release date, UPC (Optional), album type, release type, explicit setting, and the album's genre. After you have edited album info, click Continue.
    Album Creation Step 1 - Album Info
  5. Next, you will be asked to select album art. After you have uploaded your album art, click Continue.
  6. Album Creation Step 2 - Album Art
  7. In Step 3, you will select music files that you would like to upload to the album, and edit your track information.
    Album Creation Step 3 - Audio Upload
    Continue to add tracks until you have completed your album. You can multi-select files, or add them one-by-one. After you have uploaded your audio tracks, take some time to edit your track information. You can edit your track name, (optional) ISRC information, the number of allowed free plays, and genre.
    Edit Track Information
    Note! You can edit the order of your tracks with simple drag and drop reordering.
  8. Once finished editing track info, click Continue.
  9. After that, you will set your album and track pricing. You may first want to edit your album pricing:
    Album Creation Step 4 - Edit Pricing
    Note: Remember that you will need to set the track price, too!
    Edit Track Pricing
  10. You’re almost there! After you have followed all steps, you will have a final chance to review the album before submitting it to Google Play. If you feel comfortable with the final review, click Submit. Your album will be submitted for a basic policy review.

After a basic policy review by the Google Play team, your album will be visible on Google Play. Once published, you will see your status updated to "Published" in the status bar under your album in the artist hub, and you will receive a notification email from the artist support team.

Note! You will not be able to publish your discography while your Google Play store page is pending. You can upload and edit tracks, and edit the album while your Google Play store page is in review.

Google does not assume any ownership rights in your music. When uploading music files and images in the artist hub, you represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights. Please make sure that you own rights to all music files and images uploaded into the artist hub.