Audio files

All audio files must be highest quality, lossless flac and wav files. We do not support mp3, aac or any other lossy files. Please only upload your highest quality master files into the artist hub. There is a size limit of 250 MB per file.

Add audio

When the audio files are being uploaded, you will see a progress message change from "Preparing files for upload" to "Uploading files".

There are many third-party software tools such as Roxio Toast (for Mac) or Exact Audio Copy (for Windows) to convert your audio files from .wav to .flac. Please contact the software developer for additional questions.


Note: Never trans-encode an audio file from a lossy, lower bitrate file into a higher quality lossless file.


If you have problems uploading songs, check the following:

  • Confirm your tracks are the correct format, either .flac or .wav at 16, 24 or 32 bitrate, 44.1 kbps.
  • Confirm that you have a good internet connection - lossless audio masters are normally very large files.
  • Tip: Select multiple files for upload at once by holding the SHIFT key (Windows) or Command key (Mac).
    Audio upload
  • If you continue to have problems uploading files after you have checked your formats and connection, please contact artist support

Content sold on Google Play will be 320 kbps .mp3 files.