Take advantage of the links section of your Google Play store page so that fans can find you in the other places you live on the web. Start by inputting links to your Google+ page and YouTube channel. There are also two additional fields for you to link out to your own website or other social media sites.

Making initial edits to links on your Google Play store page

You will input links for your Google Play store page when first setting up your Google Play store page. To do this:

  1. From the Artists & Music tab, click Edit Artist Info.
  2. When editing your Google Play store page for the first time, the genres that you select will be the fourth item to edit. After you have made changes to your genres, you can either press Continue move forward and Submit your Google Play store page to the artist support team for review, or you can Save for Later.
  3. Note that in order for your genres and other items to publish to the Google Play store, you will need to Submit your artist page to the Google Play artist support team for review.

Links must be relevant to the artist. Please refer to our policies if you have additional questions.

Making additional edits to your store page links

After you've made initial edits to your artist store page in the Google Play artist hub, you may decide to update or add links to your store page. When making additional edits to the links on your Google Play store page, you will be taken to an editing page where you can add or update any of your store page links, rather than being taken through the initial step-by-step setup of your store page.

To make additional edits to the links on your Google Play store page:

  1. Go to the Artists & Music tab in your Google Play artist hub account, and click on the Edit Artist Info button.
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can make your edits under any of the editable categories: bio, image, genres, and links.
    • Click Edit links to edit your store page links, update or enter some additional links, and once done click Publish Changes.

Please note: all updates and changes are subject to review.

Google+ Direct Connect

Google+ Direct Connect lets you quickly navigate to a Google+ page (and even add that page to your circles) when using Google Search. For example, if you searched for the query '+youtube' or '+pepsi,' you could be immediately taken to the YouTube Google+ page, or the Pepsi Google+ page, and given the option to add the page to your circles. For more information on Google+ Direct Connect, please visit this article.