Artist bio

While you might see a pre-existing artist bio about you on your Google Play store page, we require that you replace it with an original artist bio of your own. This is your opportunity to describe your sound and your story in your own words. When did you get started? Where are you from and where are you headed? What makes you unique? Introduce yourself to all the waiting fans on Google Play.

As a reminder, all content that you submit through the artist hub--including your artist bio-- must be entirely original and you must have all the rights required to publish it on Google Play. Please be sure that your artist bio contains only your own original written content. All information in the artist bio must be relevant to the artist. See our policies for additional information.

An artist introduction should give customers an idea of the artist's history and sound. Please do not copy and paste press releases for your latest album -- even if there are biographical details in there, it will become dated quickly, and will read more like an advertisement than a biography.

An artist bio should focus on the artist's musical career, and not their personal lives. For an artist with a shorter career, it’s recommended to highlight key albums and tracks. For an artist with longer careers, think in terms of eras, both within their own career or their place in greater music conversation.

Please don’t:

  • Curse.
  • Engage in hate speech.
  • See this as a platform for your political views.
  • Focus exclusively on your new release.
  • Copy and paste your press release.
  • Be overly cheeky.
  • Be hyberbolic. Users will take you more seriously if you seem even-handed.

Making initial edits to your artist bio

You will submit an artist bio when you first set up your Google Play store page. To add an original artist bio to your Google Play store page:

  1. Go to the Artists & Music tab and click on the Edit Artist Info button.
  2. If this is the first time you are editing your Google Play store page, you will enter your artist bio after uploading an artist image. To make edits, enter the artist bio for your Google Play artist hub in the supplied text box.
    Artist bio workflow in Google Play artist hub
  3. After you have made changes to your artist bio, you can either Continue editing your Google Play store page by uploading an artist image, and genre, or you can Save for Later. Note that if this is the first time that you’re editing your created artist page, you will need to also upload an artist image, and set genres before publishing to Google Play.

Note that in order for your artist bio and other items to publish to the Google Play store, you will need to Submit your artist page to the Google Play artist support team for review. All artist bios will be reviewed before publication. If you experience an issue after publishing your changes, please contact artist support.

Making additional edits to your artist bio

After you've made the first edits to your artist bio in the Google Play artist hub, you may decide to update your bio again. When making additional edits to the bio on your Google Play store page, you will be taken to a general editing page, rather than being taken through the step-by-step process that you went through when initially setting up your store page.

To make additional edits to the artist bio on your Google Play store page:

  1. Go to the Artists & Music tab in your Google Play artist hub account, and click on the Edit Artist Info button.
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can make your edits under any of the editable categories: bio, image, and genres.
    1. To get started, click Edit bio.
    2. Input all changes in the provided text box.
    3. Once you're done making edits, click Publish Changes.
    4. You can provide a language-specific bio for each country in which Google Play has a music store. To do this, select the appropriate language in the language drop-down box, and enter the bio in that language.