Artists whose content is submitted via label or distributor

Please Note: If you have repertoire on a label and also have a Google Play artist hub account, please be sure to submit only content that you have rights to distribute.

If you have discography that is already available on Google Play, but not displaying to you in the artist hub, we received your music from your label or distributor.

We can only get your content from one partner at a time--either you or your representative. If you would like to submit your content directly to Google Play, but have already submitted your music to be distributed to us through a label or distributor, please speak to your distribution representative first about sending a takedown request to Google Play before uploading the album directly via the artist hub. Not taking down your previously-distributed album(s) before uploading new versions through the artist hub will create duplicate copies of your album(s) on Google Play. Once your previous distributor has sent a takedown notice, you can re-submit your music directly.

If you would prefer to go through a distributor that has partnered with Google Play, all payments will be administered through your distributor. Please note that if you have albums through a label or distributor and they are not available on Google Play, we may not have a relationship with your distributor, your distributor may not have granted us rights for your content, or we may be working on ingesting your content now. Please contact your distributor to ensure that your albums have been opted into sale on Google Play. If your distributor has confirmed that the albums have been delivered to Google Play, please contact artist support.