Protecting artist identity

Protecting your identity against impersonation during the Google Play store page claim process is the top priority of the Google Play team. We have put several checks and balances in place to protect Google Play store pages.

First, anyone claiming a Google Play store page and given access to upload music will have to either provide a valid credit card, or a valid verification code which has been issued to them.

Additionally, all claimed pages published to Google Play will be reviewed by the Google Play team. Once published, all Google Play store pages can be disputed with user flags if there appears to be any questionable content. If ownership of a Google Play store page is disputed, both the original and disputing claimant will be asked to verify their identity.

Next, before uploading music to the portal, each user will need to set up a Google Payments account, which Google will link to a checking account that the claimant will provide and which will be authorized before any payments for sold content will be made. All artists and managers who create a Google Payments account will need to complete a W-9 or W-8BEN tax form and choose a business tax classification to file with your local tax office.