Complete your TV season on Google Play Movies & TV

A Season Pass is a feature of the Google Play Movies & TV Store that allows you to purchase a full season's worth of a TV show that's currently airing. You pay for the season's worth of content and then receive the episodes as they become available.

If you already own episodes of a TV season on Google Play Movies & TV, you may be able to purchase the rest of that season without paying again for the episodes you already own.

Purchase the rest of a TV season

  1. Visit or the Google Play Movies & TV app Play Movies.
  2. Browse for the TV show and season you would like to complete.
  3. Next to the TV season, select the price or Buy.
  4. If you already own eligible episodes within this season, and the season qualifies, you’ll see the lower purchase price to complete the season. Follow the on-screen instructions to buy the rest of the season.

Note: This feature is not available on iPhone or iPad. You can complete your TV season using the Google Play Movies & TV app on Android devices, compatible Smart TVs, Android TV, Roku, or by visiting

Additional feature details

  • This feature is available for SD and HD only.
  • The price of SD and HD episodes you own count toward completing a season in HD. The price of HD episodes you own won’t count toward completing a season in SD.
  • On the details page, you’ll always see the lowest price to complete your season, whether SD or HD.
  • If you already own SD episodes before completing the season in HD, the SD episode quality will be upgraded to HD.
  • Certain TV shows are not eligible for this feature, like those in your Family Library or those sold in a bundle.
  • You can’t combine this feature with promotions. If another promotion offers a lower price for the season, we’ll show you that price before you make your purchase.
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