Try games before you buy them

You can try playing some games before you buy them on the Google Play Store app. This works by streaming the game to your device. The trial will last 10 minutes, then you can decide if you want to buy the game.

Try a game

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  2. Search for a game, and tap it to go to the detail page.
  3. If streaming is available for the game, you'll see a button that says "Try Now."
  4. Tap Try Now.
  5. Your trial period will start. There will be a note that says "Streaming game from Google Play."

You’ll see a countdown of how much time you have left. At the end of the period you’ll see an option to cancel or buy the game.

Note: Any progress you make in the game during the trial period will not be saved if you choose to buy the game and install it on your device.

Learn more about streaming games

How streaming games works

When you try a game without installing it, Google streams the game to your device. This is similar to how videos are streamed on services like YouTube.

Where you can stream games & what you need

Where they’re available:

  • Streaming games are currently only available in the US for some games.

Connection requirements:

  • You can stream games if you're connected to Wi-Fi or a 4G network.
  • Streaming a game uses about the same amount of data as streaming a video on YouTube. If you stream games over 4G there may be additional charges from your carrier depending on your data plan.

Device requirements:

  • Streaming games are available on most Android devices version 5.0 and up. You'll also need the Google Play Store app version 7.0.16. or higher.

Note: Only certain games support streaming.

What information Google collects and how it's used

Because the streamed apps are running on Google servers instead of your device, your interactions with the app are sent to Google, and Google stores info about how you use streamed apps. This data may be stored after you close the app.

To learn more about how Google protects your privacy, see our privacy policy.

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