Movie Bundles and Extras

With movie bundles, you can get a few of your favorite movies together for a discounted price. Movie bundles are available in the Google Play Store app Google Play or Google Play on your computer.

See which movies are included in a bundle

To view all the movies included in a bundle, tap or click the bundle's poster. You'll see all the movies listed under the section named "In This Bundle."

Find bundles in your movie library

If you purchase a bundle, the movies that are in the bundle will appear separately in your movie library. To see your movies:

  • In the Google Play Movies & TV app Play Movies, tap Library and then Movies.
  • See movies on your computer at

About Movie Extras

Some movies come with Extras, like deleted scenes or interviews with the cast. If you buy a bundle of movies, you'll also get all the Extras that come with each movie.

View Extras on your phone, tablet, or computer

  1. Open the Google Play Movie & TV app Play Movies or Google Play on your computer.
  2. Click or tap a movie in your library.
  3. All available Extras will be listed in the section named "Extras."

View Extras on Roku

  1. On your Roku, open the Google Play Movies & TV app Play Movies.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Go to My movies.
  4. Select a movie in your library.
  5. Click on Extras.

Note: As of right now, downloading Extras for offline viewing is only possible on iPhones and iPads and the Google Play Movies & TV  Chrome extension.

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