Troubleshooting for Google Play Music All Access

Looking for help with Google Play Music All Access? Check out some troubleshooting steps that can help resolve the most common All Access questions.

Billing and sign up

If you dismissed the initial sign up flow for Google Play Music All Access, but want to sign up for a subscription, please visit the Google Play Music Settings page from your computer or device to start the sign up process again.

Issues when trying to switch your billing method during the sign up process

  • Please check your subscription page on Google Wallet to see if your subscription was actually created successfully. You can also change your billing method from this page.

Seeing tax on a free trial receipt

  • In some states where subscriptions are required to be taxed, users may see a tax amount listed on their initial receipt after signing up for a free trial. Please rest assured that you are not being charged for the initial 30 day free free trial. Our team is working to fix the receipt at this time.

Having trouble signing up again after cancelling a subscription

  • Wait until your 30 day free trial expires before trying to sign up again

Signing up when traveling outside of United States

  • Existing United States users of Google Play Music who are traveling outside of the United States are experiencing difficulties signing up for Google Play Music All Access. Our team is investigating this issue at this time.


If you're not seeing cancel option on your device, please update your Google Play store app to the latest version (version 4.1.4) or visit your subscription page on Google Wallet from a desktop browser.

Selecting the cancel option under Settings goes to the Music App details page in the Google Play store, but there is no button to cancel.

  • Please make sure you are signed into the Google Play store with the same account you are using with the Google Play Music app.

Still seeing a cancel button in Settings after canceling

Cancellation confirmation screen says that you can only access through the date your subscription started

  • If you cancel through your subscription page on Google Wallet, the confirmation may show the wrong date, but you will have access through the end of the 30 day free trial.

Issues using All Access with devices

Having trouble saving All Access music to my device

  • To save music for offline listening on your device, you must first add songs, albums, or playlists to your library.

Sharing playlists

  • If you're having trouble sharing playlists using a mobile device, please visit Google Play Music from a desktop browser to share your playlist.

Compatibility with Nexus Q

  • At this time, All Access is not compatible with Nexus Q.

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