Discover music with All Access

When you subscribe to Google Play Music All Access, you can easily browse the world’s music through albums, charts, new releases, staff picks and featured playlists.

All Access isn’t available everywhere yet, but we look forward to expanding to more countries around the world.

Listen Now

You can quickly find music based on what you’ve recently listened to, songs that you’ve added to your Google Play library, along with suggestions from All Access on Listen Now. After selecting an album or song, you can instantly listen to songs, add music to your library, or create a radio station or playlist.

Using the Menu buttons located alongside featured music on Listen Now, playback options include:

  • Radio: Listen to commercial-free music based on a song, album, or artist. See a song you don’t like? All Access lets you skip as many songs as you’d like. Want to remove tracks or help All Access understand your music taste? Select the menu button to remove individual songs or rate songs using the thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Learn more about radio on All Access
  • Add to queue: Add an album or song to the end of your current playback queue. If you’re streaming music, adding an album or song to the end of your queue won’t interrupt your listening.
  • Keep on device (mobile only):When using a mobile device, you can save an album or song to your library, then save it to your device so that you can listen to individual songs, playlists, or albums even when you don’t have a data connection. Please note that songs cannot be downloaded to an SD card and require local storage on your device. Saving songs to your device from All Access
  • Add to playlist: Want to create a playlist of songs for the car, yoga, or a dinner party with friends? Select Add to Playlist to create a new playlist or add songs to an existing playlist. All Access also automatically generates playlists of songs you’ve given a “thumbs up” rating, music you’ve recently added to your library, along with free and purchased songs you’ve downloaded to your account.


The more you listen on All Access, the more it can help you discover new music based on what you love. Through Explore, you can browse to find your favorite songs and albums, discover new music, and get personalized recommendations.

  • Genres: Whether you love classical, country, rock, or anything in between, you can browse by genre to find what you’re looking for. When browsing genres, you’ll find featured albums and songs, new releases, and you can even narrow by music subgenres.
  • Recommended: Let All Access suggest music to you based on your listening habits. Whether it’s a brand new release or a classic album, discover more of what you like through personalized recommendations.
  • Featured: Find top albums, songs, along with featured playlists that you can add to your library.
  • New releases: Want to find out what’s new? Browse the latest singles and albums available on All Access.

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