Create, share, & subscribe to playlists

Add your favorite songs and albums to custom playlists for any occasion - an upcoming road trip, a relaxing playlist for before bed, or songs to keep you company on your commute - that you can stream with your subscription to Google Play Music All Access.

Create a playlist

To create a new playlist, select the Menu button for any album or song and choose the Add to playlist option. Select New playlist and name your playlist to create and add music to your playlist.

If you’ve already created playlists, you will also have the option to add music to an existing playlist. You can add music to an existing playlist whenever you’re connected to the Internet. As you’re checking out new music, you can update existing playlists and create new ones whenever you’re inspired to create a new mix.

Share playlists

Create a playlist you want to share? After creating a playlist, you can share your playlists with friends and other All Access listeners.

To share a playlist that you’ve created, visit your playlist on the web and select Share playlist. You’ll be able to make a playlist public for All Access listeners and you’ll receive a link if you want to share a playlist with individual friends.

When you share playlists with other All Access listeners, they’ll get all your updates as you add music to existing playlists. So if you add more songs to your playlist that you’ve shared with a friend, they’ll see your updates when checking out your playlist.

Want to keep a playlist to yourself? Your playlists are set to private by default, meaning they’re only available to you unless you change your playlist settings.

Subscribe to playlists

When checking out playlists that have been shared with you or shared publicly by others, you can subscribe to a playlist so that you can easily find and listen to it again.

When you subscribe to another playlist, whenever the playlist is updated, you’ll see those updates as well. For example, if your friend shares a playlist of his favorite songs of all-time and you choose to subscribe to it, whenever they add a new song to that playlist, you’ll see the song added to the playlist you’ve subscribed to.

To follow a playlist, select the Subscribe button on the playlist page. Once you’ve subscribed to a playlist, it will appear alongside your personal playlists. If you decide that you want to stop subscribing to a playlist, you can choose to stop subscribing to a playlist from the individual playlist screen or simply delete the the playlist from your list.

Listen to playlists offline

If you’re using a mobile device, you can save a playlist for offline listening on your device by tapping on the pin icon on a playlist screen. The pin icon will appear filled in once the playlist has been downloaded to indicate that it is available offline.

Playlists that you’ve subscribed to cannot be saved to your device.

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