Subscribe to Google Play Music

With a Google Play Music subscription, you get unlimited, ad-free access to millions of songs that you can mix with your own collection. Subscribers in eligible countries also get access to YouTube Music Key Beta for no extra cost. Just make sure you're signed into the same account on YouTube and Google Play.

Select an option below to learn how to subscribe:

Using your mobile device
  1. Open the Play Music app Google Play Music Icon on an Android device.
  2. Touch the Menu icon Google Play Music Menu icon.
  3. Touch Settings.
    • If you're eligible for a trial, select Free Trial.
    • If you've already used your trial, select Subscribe.

If you're using the Play Music app and don't see a subscription option in your app settings, try updating your Google Play Music app to the latest version or visiting your Google Play Music settings page on your computer.

Using your computer
  1. Go to Google Play Music (
  2. Near the top right, click the Gear icon Settings.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Under "Music Account," you'll see your sign up options.
    • If you're eligible for a trial, click Free Trial.
    • If you've already used your trial, select Subscribe.

Payment methods

You can use a valid credit card through Google Wallet, your Google Play balance, and direct carrier billing to pay for your subscription.

If you sign up for a Google Play Music subscription through another promotion offering discounted pricing, please note that the discounted price may not be available to you in the future if you cancel your subscription or otherwise fail to remain an active subscriber.

After subscribing, you can modify your account settings and subscription at any time. Please note that if you end your subscription, you'll lose access to subscription music features on your account.

Some Google Play products and features aren't available in all countries. See what's available in your country

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