Listen to music using multiple devices

You can use Google Play Music to listen to your library on your computer and up to five smartphones. You can use up to 10 devices total, including tablets, iPods, etc.

While you can use multiple devices with the same account, you can only play music using one device at a time.

If you play music on multiple devices at the same time using the same account, playback will be paused so you can choose which device you'd like to use. To help ensure uninterrupted playback, make sure you're listening to music using one device or computer at a time.

Manage devices

To review which devices are associated with your account, go to your Google Play Music Settings on your computer or using the Play Music app Google Play Music Icon. You can de-authorize up to four devices per year.

On your computer
  1. Go to Google Play Music on your computer.
  2. Click the gear icon Settings.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Your devices are listed under "Manage my devices."
    • Click Deauthorize to remove a device from your list.
Visit your Music Settings
On Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  1. Open Google Play Music Google Play Music Icon.
  2. Touch the Menu icon Google Play Music Menu icon.
  3. Touch Settings.
  4. Touch My devices.
    • Touch the Delete icon X to remove a device from your list.

Use multiple accounts with Music Manager

You can use two Google Accounts per computer with Music Manager.

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