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Change your Google Play Music app settings

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Here's how to change your settings on the Google Play Music Android app Google Play Music Icon.

  1. Open the Google Play Music app Google Play Music Icon.
  2. Touch the Menu icon Google Play Music Menu icon.
  3. Touch Settings.
Setting Description
General Google Account: Select your account to use with Google Play Music.

Equalizer: Fine tune your audio settings.
Downloading Cache during playback: Temporarily store music while streaming. When checked, the Google Play Music application temporarily stores music you've played on your device if there is storage space available. Cached music may be temporarily available offline.

Automatically cache: Automatically cache music while charging your device and connected to Wi-Fi.

Clear cache: Clear stored music that has been cached to your device.

Download via Wi-Fi only: Help reduce mobile data usage by downloading music only when connected to Wi-Fi.

View download queue: List of music that is currently downloading
Streaming Stream via Wi-Fi only: Help reduce mobile data usage by streaming music only when connected to Wi-Fi. This doesn't affect the availability of music you’ve made available offline or music that has been temporarily cached.

Mobile networks stream quality: Select low, normal, or high quality streaming. When streaming via a mobile data connection, using a lower quality stream uses less data.
Developer Use debug logs: Store debug logs for your device.
Music version Displays the version number of Google Play Music installed on your device.

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