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Google Play Newsstand is the easiest way to discover and get more out of the news and magazines you love, anywhere you go. You can enjoy Google Play Newsstand Google Play Newsstand on your mobile device and read magazines on your computer on Google Play.

Read Now

Using your Google Play Newsstand Google Play Newsstand app, you can read suggested articles from top news sources, along with news and magazines you’ve added on Read Now. The more you read, the better Google Play Newsstand gets at showing you more of what you like.

Once you’ve read an article, it will be displayed in gray to show that it’s been read. You can refresh what shows on Read Now by swiping down on your screen.
Read more from a news source

Found a news source you love? You can select a publisher’s icon to find more content available from a source.

Read more about a topic

Want to learn more about a favorite subject or something new? Many articles are tagged with a topic that you can select to help you find more of what you like.

After you’ve added a topic to your library, it will be available at the top of your screen on Read Now and related articles will be color coded.

Search for articles, topics, and feeds

You can search thousands of publications and news sources by touching the Google Play Search Search icon.

Add a widget to your home screen

  1. Go to your device’s All Apps menu.
  2. Near the top of the screen, touch Widgets.
  3. Touch and hold the Google Play Newsstand widget and drag it to your Home screen.

My Library

On My Library, you can find all the news sources, magazines, and topics that you’ve added to your collection. Touch or swipe to view News, Magazines, or Topics in your library.

To save the a news source, topic, or magazine to read offline, touch Menu Menu > Keep on device Google Play Pin.

News and topics

Reorder or remove news sources and topics
  • Reorder: Touch and hold an item to drag it to your desired spot or touch Menu Menu > Move to top to move an item to the top position.
  • Remove: Touch and hold a source or topic and drag it upwards to the Remove bar. You can also touch Menu Menu > Remove to remove a source or topic.
Translate a news source
  • On a news source on My News, touch Menu Menu > Translate > Select a language.
    • To change a news source back to its original language, touch Menu Menu > Undo translation.


To sort your magazines on My Library:

  1. Touch or swipe to view Magazines.
  2. Touch Menu Menu > Sort > Select Publication date or Title.

Select a magazine to start reading or select More to see more magazines in your collection.

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