Listen to music on your mobile device

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Google Play Music brings you a comprehensive service with a store where you can buy new music, a locker to store your collection and a subscription (in available countries) to listen to music on all of your devices.

Listen Now

Find music based on what you’ve recently listened to, artists you like, and music that you've purchased recently. The more you play, the better Listen Now gets at surfacing music you'll like. Using the Menu icons (depending on your device, your Menu icon may look different) located alongside featured music on Listen Now, playback options include:

  • Add to queue: Add an album or song to the end of your current playback queue. If currently you’re streaming music on your device through Google Play Music, adding an album or song to the end of your queue won’t interrupt playback.
  • Keep on device (mobile only): Save music to your device so that you can listen to music even when you don’t have a data connection.
  • Instant mix: Create a mix of songs similar to the music you've selected using music you have in your library.
  • Go to artist: Visit your library to find music by the same artist(s).
  • Shop this artist: Visit the Google Play store to find more music by the artist(s).

Play music

To play music, tap the album art for the music you'd like to play, then choose what you'd like to play by tapping a song name or choosing one of the playback options located on a song or album's Menu.

Once your music starts playing, you can control playback using the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap the name of the song playing on the Now Playing bar or swipe the bar up to expand your playback options.
  • From the expanded Now Playing screen, select the Google Play Music Queue Queue icon to view and manage your queue. Select the Menu icon next to any song for additional playback options based on individual songs or to remove a song from your queue.
    • To rearrange your queue, drag songs to your desired position using the bar on the left of a song's album art.

Upload your collection to make it available on your mobile device

Google Play Music Manager is a desktop application that allows you to upload your music to your account. Once you’ve uploaded your collection to Google Play using the Google Play Music Manager, you can listen to your music on your supported device.

Download Music Manager now

Listening to music offline

When you're offline (not connected to the Internet via mobile networks or Wi-Fi), you can play music you've added to Google Play that you've pinned for offline listening, as well as any music you’ve copied to your device directly from your computer.

Playing music through headphones, speakers, and other devices

You can listen to music by using your device’s built-in speakers, through a wired headset, or through a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset or other device that supports the A2DP profile - refer to your device’s owner’s guide for more information about connecting headsets or other devices to your phone/tablet.

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