HD movie & TV show availability

Most movies and TV shows on Google Play are available in high definition (HD). HD video displays with a higher resolution than standard definition (SD) video, which results in a sharper picture. Typical HD display resolution will be 1,280×720 pixels (720p) or 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080p).

Why aren't all titles available to play in HD?

You can rent or purchase HD content for most titles, but this doesn't mean all videos can be watched in HD on your device. The ability to play HD titles depends on studio licensing agreements and compatibility with your device.

Can I watch an HD title on my device?

HD playback is always available on Chromecast, Android TV, and Roku. If you're watching from a different device, select your device or browser below for more information.

If a title isn't available in HD, you don't have sufficient bandwidth to stream an HD movie, or your device's display doesn't meet the minimum requirements, the video will automatically play in SD instead. You can still purchase the HD version and watch it in HD on another supported device (e.g. Chromecast or another device associated with the same Google Account).

HD availability

Google Play Movies & TV app on Android devices

HD playback is supported on most phones and tablets.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

HD streaming playback is available on iPhones & iPads running iOS 7 or higher. Offline playback isn’t available in HD for iOS devices.

Chrome browser and the Google Play Movies for Chrome app
Device Chrome OS & Windows Mac
Laptop HD available HD available
Computers connected to a monitor HD available if your display is HDCP-compliant

Note: For Windows, you must be using Windows Vista & above.

Only SD available
Non-Chrome browsers

If you're watching on a non-Chrome browser, the ability to play in HD will depend on studio licensing agreements and will vary across videos.

I can't watch an HD title I rented or purchased

If you're unable to watch an HD title you rented or purchased, you can request a refund.

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