How to track your order

Thanks for ordering on Google Play! Here’s where you can find information on order shipping & tracking.

Track your order

  1. Open your Google Play order history and sign into your Google account if you haven’t already.
  2. Search your list of orders and find the one you want to track.
  3. Click Info.
  4. Under Status, click on the tracking number.

If you can find your Google Play order emails in your inbox, you can check your order status from the email instead.

Use order email to track your package (suggested for phone or tablet)
After you order: We’ll send you a confirmation email telling you when your order will ship. Play order confirmation email

After we ship your order: You’ll get a second email with its tracking number. To track your package, click the link in your email.

Find out when your order will ship

Check the "Ships by" date on your orders page or your confirmation email. Your order usually takes 1-2 business days to process before it's shipped. It sometimes takes longer if order volume is high.

If your tracking number doesn't show shipping information after 1 business day, contact our support team.

How long your delivery takes

We can't guarantee the delivery times you'll find on this page, but they're good estimates of how long it should take for your order to reach you.

Order a device on Google Play Order is processed
(Leaves warehouse in 1-2 business days)
Order is shipped
(Ship time varies by selected shipping method)
Order arrives at shipping address

Business days: Monday - Friday.

Shipping options: Your delivery time and shipping cost depend on if you chose Next Day, Two-day, Ground, Saver, or another shipping option. (Your order's weight also affects cost.)

  • If you chose Saver shipping, local post will deliver your order. You won't get a tracking number.

Where you live: Your shipping country makes a difference in delivery time.

Find your country's estimated delivery time
Location Estimated time to your door Track your package
Australia 2-12 business days eParcel
Austria 3-10 business days UPS
Belgium 2-7 business days UPS
Canada 3-12 business days UPS
Canada Post
Denmark 3-9 business days UPS
Finland 4-12 business days UPS
France 3-9 business days UPS
Germany 2-8 business days UPS
Hong Kong 2-6 business days Yamato
India 3-10 business days Fedex
Blue Dart
First Flight
Ireland 2-7 business days DHL
Italy 3-12 business days UPS
Japan 2-10 business days Yamato
Korea 2-10 business days Hyundai
Netherlands 2-5 business days UPS
New Zealand 2-9 business days UPS
Norway 3-10 business days UPS
Portugal 4-14 business days UPS
Spain 3-14 business days UPS
Sweden 3-9 business days UPS
Switzerland 4-9 business days UPS
Taiwan 2-11 business days UPS
United Kingdom 2-6 business days Parcelforce
United States 2-12 business days FedEx

Note: In the case of a missed delivery, carriers will leave a note at your door. In some countries, the carrier may also notify you by SMS text message.

My order has been delivered but I can't find it. Where is my order?

If you can't locate a package that has been delivered, check your tracking information for delivery details or see if someone else accepted your delivery. If you still can’t find your package, contact your shipping provider.