I want to add previously deleted songs back to my library

If you've accidentally deleted music from your Google Play music library, first check if the 'Undo' option is still visible at the top left of the Google Play web player on your computer. If it's still visible, click 'Undo' and the music you've just deleted will be returned to your library.

You can also easily see all of your recently deleted music by clicking the gear icon in the top righthand corner, then select Music trash. From there, you can either undelete or permanently delete these songs.

Once you've deleted songs from your Google Play music library, the Google Play Music Manager assumes that you won't want the music immediately added to your library again and will ignore these songs going forward. If you'd like the Google Play Music Manager to re-add this music, you'll need to do one of the following:

  • Point the Music Manager at a different location to add music from, click 'Apply', then point the Music Manager back at your original music location (see Adding songs to Google Play for instructions for selecting a music location). This will cause the Music Manager to rescan and add any music that isn't currently in your Google Play music library.

  • Edit music information in the original file. If you make any edits to an original file (for example changing the song title), the Music Manager will interpret the file as a different song and add it to your Google Play music library.

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