Add music to your queue

You can quickly add songs to your queue when browsing your library on Google Play Music.

Play music

  • Find an album or song that you want to play, select the Menu Menu icon to add music to your queue
  • Use the buttons on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen to control playback, shuffle songs, or repeat songs.
  • Select the Google Play Music Queue Queue button to see the full list of songs.

Rearrange or remove songs from your queue

  • To rearrange songs in your queue:
    • On your computer: Click on a song, then drag and drop the song to your desired position
    • On your mobile device: Touch the Menu Handle on the far left side of the screen, then drag the song to your desired position. You can also remove a song from your queue by dragging the song to the right.
  • When viewing your queue, select Menu Menu > Remove from queue to remove an individual song
  • To clear all songs from your queue:
    • On your computer: View your queue and click Clear queue near the top of the screen.
    • On your mobile device: Select the Now Playing bar near the bottom of your screen > Touch the Menu Menu icon near the top of the screen > Clear queue.

Rate songs

  • Use the thumbs up Thumbs up and thumbs down Thumbs down icons to rate music.
Rating music helps Google Play Music provide better personalized recommendations for you

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