Download music from your library

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You can download music that you previously uploaded to Google Play, as well as any song you purchased from Google Play, using your computer.

Using the Google Play web player

  1. Visit Google Play Music on your computer.
  2. Hover your mouse over a song in your queue or an album.
  3. Click the Menu Menu icon > Download.
To select multiple songs in your queue, hold down the Shift key and select another song in the list to select a range of songs.

You can download each track from the web two times.

*Please note that if the group of songs you select contains songs that have already been downloaded twice, these songs will be skipped and you will be prompted to use the Google Play Music Manager instead.

Using Music Manager

  1. Launch the Music Manager.
  2. Select the Download tab*.
  3. Click Download my library' to download all your music, or 'Download free and purchased' to only download music purchased from Google Play.

*Please note that if you have never used the Music Manager to upload music, you will not see the Download tab. This option appears once you've gone through the upload flow.