Create an instant mix

With Google Play Music, you can make endless mixes based on your favorite artists or songs in your library. You can see what’s coming up next and skip ahead as often as you like when listening to an instant mix.

After you create an instant mix, you can listen to it on your computer and all your devices that use the Google Play Music Icon Google Play Music app as long as you’re signed in to the same account.

Create an instant mix

If you know what you’re in the mood to hear, here’s how you can create a mix:

  1. Visit your Instant mixes menu.
  2. Select the Google Play Music Add New instant mix option.
  3. Search for an artist, song, or album in your library.
You can rate songs using the thumbs up thumbs up and thumbs down thumbs down ratings to help Google Play Music create instant mixes with more music you like.
You can play a personalized mix that changes based on your listening history by selecting I "I'm feeling lucky" on your Instant mixes and Listen Now menus.

Lastly, you can create instant mixes while browsing your library:

Album or song mixes
Select Menu > Start instant mix on a song or album page.
Artist mixes
Select the Instant mix Instant mix icon on an artist page.
If you don’t have enough music in your collection to create an instant mix from a selection, try creating a mix using a different song, artist, or album.

View and edit a mix

After you’ve created an instant mix, you can view and edit your mix by selecting the Google Play Music Queue Queue icon. On the Google Play Music IconGoogle Play Music app, select the Now Playing bar located near the bottom of your app to display your Queue icon.

Hear a good song and want to hear more like it? On your queue, select Menu > Start instant mix to create a mix based on that song.

If you’d like to remove a song from your queue, select Menu > Remove from queue. On the Google Play Music app, you can also swipe a song to the right to remove it.

Delete an instant mix

On your Instant mixes menu, you can remove a mix by selecting Menu > Delete.

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