Use a screen reader with Google Play

You can read books, magazines, and news articles or listen to music in Google Play using a screen reader.

Use a screen reader

On your computer, Google Play works best with the following browsers and screen readers:

  • Mac: Use VoiceOver in Chrome
  • Chromebook: Use ChromeVox in Chrome
  • Windows: Use JAWS or NVDA in Firefox

Use keyboard shortcuts

Play Books

First, check if a book lists "Flowing text" under its "Features" list on Google Play. If a book features "Flowing text," it can be read aloud using the screen reader on your computer.

To turn pages on your computer, use these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Next page: Press j, n, Right arrow, or Page up.
  • Previous page: Press k, p, Left arrow, or Page down.

Learn more about Play Books.

Play Music

Here are some common shortcuts for Play Music on your computer:

  • Open keyboard shortcut help: Press Shift + /.
  • Start or stop playing a selected song: Press Space bar.
  • Play the next song in your queue: Press Right arrow.
  • Play the previous song in your queue: Press Left arrow.

Learn more about Play Music.

Play Newsstand

Here are some common keyboard shortcuts for Play Newsstand on your computer:

  • Open keyboard shortcut help: Press Shift + /.
  • Next item: Press j.
  • Previous item: Press k.
  • Search Newsstand: Press /.

Learn more about Play Newsstand.


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