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Google Play allows the distribution of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) apps that successfully achieve and maintain full program compliance, including complying with the DFS Terms and Conditions, Developer Program Policies, and the Developer Distribution Agreement. To apply, fill out the form below

Make sure your app has an IARC content rating equivalent of “AO,” and meets the requirements listed on the Developer Policy Center.

DFS certification will take several business days. Due to the sensitive nature of regulated apps, the following may result in full removal from Google Play:

  • Attempts to bypass the certification process
  • Repeated or serious violations
  • Complaints from regulators or law enforcement
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DFS License Details

The licensee must be the same entity as the app developer or, in the case of a third-party application, the operator.
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The applicant must provide a valid license from a US State or Territory that requires a license to operate real money Daily Fantasy Sports functionality.
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In some cases, if the link between the Google Play app developer and the DFS licensee is not clear, we may request a letter from the licensee explicitly approving the Google Play app developer to publish their DFS application. Feel free to attach a .pdf on the licensee letterhead with a relevant stamp and signature in order to expedite the approval process.

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