Provide advance notice to the Google Play App Review team

The Google Play App Review team accepts advance notice about your upcoming app or store listing publishing event.

We only accept advance notice in the following scenario(s):

  • You have written documentation proving that you have permission to use a 3rd party's intellectual property in your app or store listing (e.g. Brand names and logos, graphic assets, audio, etc.).
  • You have gambling or casino-style elements in your game, and need to provide your Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee (GRAC) rating certificate to Google so your game can be distributed in Korea. Learn More
  • Your app uses an accessibility service and you need to provide an explanation documenting how the app uses the system capabilities that the service requests. 
  • Your app uses the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission and you want to have the permission granted automatically when your app is installed from Play. This is only approved for very limited use-cases. In most circumstances you will have to ask the user to grant permission.

Please Note: If you submit a request that's not covered by the above scenario(s), you may not receive a response. For other questions, contact our support team.


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