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The Google Play Store is Google’s global online digital content store, where we work to connect users to outstanding digital experiences by creating the best discovery and distribution platform. We offer a dedicated destination for users to find, enjoy, and share their favorite apps, games, movies, music, and books on their favorite devices: Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, Android TV, Wear OS by Google, and more. 

We empower developers to do their best work and help them to succeed by investing in tools and resources that support their growth. Our global reach and distribution puts their apps and games in front of more than a billion Android users—but the real key to success is in how developers tap into this vast potential market. 

Tools and Services

Our tools and services are designed to help them test, monitor, and iterate their apps and games to meet their users’ needs. We help developers create lasting and more meaningful user connections with their apps and games through our testing and customer interaction tools, which enable developers to experiment in myriad ways to better engage users. 

The Google Play platform helps developers react with agility and flexibility when improving the quality of their apps and games. Tools for staged rollouts, beta testing, and early warning alerts empower developers to create better user experiences. 

Learn more about how the Google Play Console can help developers:

Commerce Platform

Google Play provides a global digital payment infrastructure designed to make it easy for users to transact using the most relevant local payment methods. Google Play offers gift cards to users in 875k+ retail locations, 177 direct carrier billing integrations in 66 markets, credit card integration in 150 markets, and digital services such as PayPal and 7 new locally preferred e-wallets across 15 markets. We support buyers in over 150 markets around the world and support sellers in over 135

This global payment system benefits developers tremendously because it ensures faster and easier payment for their apps and games no matter where their users are based. 

The commerce platform also enables developers to easily monetize their app or game via a paid app, in-app purchase, or digital subscription with Google Play's billing system


We also share best practices to build a successful app or game business and keep developers updates on changes in our tools. The Google Play Academy for App Success is a free e-learning platform for developers, business people, and marketers of Google Play apps and games. The courses are offered to anyone with a Google Account and are completely free of charge. Training in the Google Play Academy includes: 

  • How to use Google Play Console features and distribute your app or game
  • Best practices for achieving success in an app or game business
  • Guidance for staying on the right side of Google Play policies

Developers can also follow us via the Android developer blog, Google Play Medium, Android Developer YouTube, and Twitter for news and updates.  

Building for the future 

At Google Play, we’re committed to providing a safe and engaging experience for developers and users around the world who upload, download, and stream amazing apps, games, books, and movies every day. Creating a global platform with access for all and providing useful tools for developers has been our goal since we launched the very first Android device.

As content and our devices evolve, so will the Google Play Store, and we look forward to bringing developers and users the very best digital discovery and store experience. For examples of developers finding success with Google Play, please visit

To learn more, please visit our How Google Play Works report site at:

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