Create or update your developer page

To help promote your brand and apps on Google Play, you can create a Developer page that users can visit to learn more about your brand and discover your apps.

Developer page overview

To create a Developer page, you need to have at least one published app on Google Play. After you’ve created a Developer page, users can visit your page on Google Play. You’ll also have an assigned URL that you can use to share your page. Users can visit your Developer page to learn more about your brand, discover an app that you want to feature, and find other apps that you’ve published on Google Play.

Developer pages aren’t required. If you don’t set up a Developer page, the other apps that you’ve published will continue to be displayed on your developer-specific app collections on Google Play.

Create or update your page

Important: Before adding any content to your developer page, make sure that all content follows Google Play policies.

  1. Open Play Console and go to the Developer page (Developer account > Developer page).
    • Note: For developer accounts created after August 31, 2023, you can manage your Developer page by going to the Developer account page and scrolling to the "Developer page" section.
  2. Add or update the following information:
    • Developer icon: 512 x 512, 32-bit PNG
    • Header image: 4096 x 2304, JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)
    • Promotional text: Add up to 140 characters that describe your brand. You can manage and add translations of your promotional text by clicking Add translations.
  3. Add or update the following optional information:
    • Website address: Enter a URL for your brand or company’s official website, if you have one.
    • Featured app: Select one of your apps to feature prominently on your Developer page. You can search by app name or package name. To help maximize visibility, choose an app that’s widely distributed in multiple countries. Other apps that you've published will still be displayed available on your Developer page.
  4. Save your changes. Note the following:
    • After you click Save changes, it can take up to one hour for your Developer page URL to be available for preview and up to 24 hours for your page to be displayed to Google Play users.
    • If you’re updating your page, it can take up to one hour for your changes to be displayed.

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