Choose a category and tags for your app or game


You can choose a category and add tags to your app or game in Play Console. Categories and tags help users to search for and discover the most relevant apps in the Play Store. Users can browse apps by category using a computer ( and the Google Play app.

Deciding what tags to add

You should choose tags that are most obviously relevant to your app. It should be very clear to a user unfamiliar with the app why the tag is relevant based on the store listing or initial in-app experience.

For example, a multiplayer racing game with vintage cars might have the tags “Racing,” and “Car racing,” because they reflect what the game involves. This game should not have tags like “Stunt driving” (the fact that you could do stunts does not make it a stunt driving game) or tags for related game genres that might attract similar players (such as "Motorcycle racing" or “Truck racing”).

We recommend that you only change your app’s tags if you make significant changes to the content or functionality of your app, in which case you should re-evaluate your tags to ensure the five most relevant are selected.

Choose a category and add tags

To choose a category for and add tags to your app:

  1. Open Play Console.
  2. Select an app.
  3. On the left menu, select Grow > Store presence > Store settings.
  4. In the "App category" section, select an application type and category.
  5. In the same section, select Manage tags to start choosing and applying tags.
  6. Select tags under “Suggested tags” to add them. If you think other tags will better reflect your app or game, you can use Search tags, the category filter, or scroll through the list under “Other tags” to find and add them.
    • Note: Your app or game can have a maximum of five tags. If your app has more than five relevant tags, we recommend you choose those that are most strongly associated with your app.
  7. Save your changes.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for changes to be reflected on your app's page on Google Play.

Example categories

To see a list of categories for apps and games, select an option below.

Category Examples
Art & Design Sketchbooks, painter tools, art & design tools, coloring books
Auto & Vehicles Auto shopping, auto insurance, auto price comparison, road safety, auto reviews & news
Beauty Makeup tutorials, makeover tools, hair styling, beauty shopping, makeup simulators
Books & Reference Book readers, reference books, text books, dictionaries, thesaurus, wikis
Business Document editor/reader, package tracking, remote desktop, email management, job search
Comics Comic players, comic titles
Communications Messaging, chat/IM, dialers, address books, browsers, call management
Dating Matchmaking, courtship, relationship building, meeting new people, finding love
Education Exam preparations, study-aids, vocabulary, educational games, language learning
Entertainment Streaming video, Movies, TV, interactive entertainment
Events Concert tickets, sporting event tickets, ticket resales, movie tickets
Finance Banking, payment, ATM finders, financial news, insurance, taxes, portfolio/trading, tip calculators
Food & Drink Recipes, restaurants, food guides, wine tasting & discovery, beverage recipes
Health & Fitness Personal fitness, workout tracking, diet and nutritional tips, health & safety, etc.
House & Home House & apartment search, home improvement, interior decoration, mortgages, real estate
Libraries & Demo Software libraries, technical demos
Lifestyle Style guides, wedding & party planning, how-to guides
Maps & Navigation Navigation tools, GPS, mapping, transit tools, public transportation
Medical Drug & clinical references, calculators, handbooks for health-care providers, medical journals & news
Music & Audio Music services, radios, music players
News & Magazines Newspapers, news aggregators, magazines, blogging
Parenting Pregnancy, infant care & monitoring, childcare
Personalization Wallpapers, live wallpapers, home screen, lock screen, ringtones
Photography Cameras, photo editing tools, photo management and sharing
Productivity Notepad, to do list, keyboard, printing, calendar, backup, calculator, conversion
Shopping Online shopping, auctions, coupons, price comparison, grocery lists, product reviews
Social Social networking, check-in
Sports Sports news & commentary, score tracking, fantasy team management, game coverage
Tools Tools for Android devices
Travel & Local Trip booking tools, ride sharing, taxis, city guides, local business information, trip management tools, tour booking
Video Players & Editors Video players, video editors, media storage
Weather Weather reports

Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Casual, Educational, Music, Puzzle, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Trivia, Word.

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