Introducing the new Google Play Console beta

This article is for new Play Console beta users. If you're looking for information about classic Play Console, go to the classic Play Console Help menu.

To learn more about the new Play Console beta, read our launch blog post.

Today, you can try out the new Google Play Console by joining the beta. Visit Play Console at its new home: 

We’ve designed the new Play Console to be more helpful. Now you can:

  • More easily find, discover, and understand important features 
  • Get new guidance on policy changes, release status, advice, and user feedback
  • Better understand performance insights with new acquisition reports
  • Inspect each of your app bundles and understand how Google Play optimizes artifacts for your users
  • Safely enable everyone on your team to use our features with new user management options.

To learn more about the new Play Console and its features and benefits, read our launch blog post and watch this video:

If you try the beta, we're excited to get your feedback.



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