Google Play self-certified ad networks program

If you're an ad network that applied for this certification before 9/1 and you haven't received a decision yet, your submission is currently in review.
If your app uses an ad network that was in review before 9/1, we will not enforce on these networks until a decision is made. Please contact your ad network for their certification status.

Google is focused on providing a great experience for families on Google Play and wants to help make sure that any ads served to children are appropriate and compliant with our policies. Review our ads and monetization policy in the Developer Policy Center.

If your app's target audience includes children and serves ads using ad network SDKs, you must use one of the ad networks below. The following ad network SDKs have self-certified that they are in compliance with Play’s ad network requirements.



The use of certified ad networks applies for all apps in the Designed for Families program and apps outside the Designed for Families program that serve ads to children. Apps that are not for children (e.g. apps with content ratings of “T” or “MA”) or apps that do not serve ads to children are not required to use a certified ad network. Apps that include children and adults in their target audience are allowed to use non-certified ad network SDKs for serving ads only to users above the age of 13. For example, apps that have both audiences may implement a neutral age screen to be compliant. 

It is important to note that it is your responsibility to ensure that any SDK you implement in your app is compliant with all applicable policies, local laws, and regulations. Google does not provide any representations or guarantees as to the accuracy of the information the ad networks provide during the self-certification process. 

If Google becomes aware that an ad network SDK is in violation of Play’s ad network SDK requirements, the ad network SDK will be removed from the list. It is recommended that app developers consult this page before publishing a new app or updating an app to confirm the certification status of the ad network SDKs used in the app.

The use of certified ad networks is only required if you are using ads SDKs in your app. The following are permitted without the requirement of certification, however you as an app publisher are responsible for all ads served must be appropriate for all users and any data collection must be compliant with our data handling policies:

  • In-House Advertising including cross promotion whereby app publishers use SDKs to manage cross promotion of their apps or other owned media and merchandising

  • Enter into direct deals with advertisers and only using SDKs for inventory management  

If you use solutions like real-time bidding, you must ensure that all ad creatives to be rendered are reviewed and rated before being delivered to users or that you only partner with certified ad sources (see list above).

In order for an ad network SDK to be included on the above list, the ad network SDK must self-certify that their network is compliant with Play’s Ad Network Certification policies and all applicable local laws and regulations. If you would like an ad network SDK to be considered for this self-certification program, please share this interest form with them. Completion of this form does not guarantee that an ad network SDK will be certified. Until an ad network has been added to this list, it will not be considered certified. Please be sure to check this list periodically for any change in certification status of the ad networks that you may be using. 

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