Apply for early access to pre-registration

Important: The early access program for pre-registration is currently closed to new applicants.  

By using pre-registration, you can take advantage of one of Google Play’s most compelling go-to-market features for apps and games. Before you launch your app, you can build and capture demand with a feature that can help accelerate and boost early installs.

After you turn on pre-registration and drive traffic to your store listing page before launch, users can pre-register for your app. When you publish your app, all pre-registered users will receive a push notification from Google Play with a message and installation link.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in this early access program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You already have an APK uploaded to the Play Console.
  • You’ll start your pre-registration campaign by December 15, 2018.

How to apply

The early access program is currently closed to new applicants. For future reference, here's what applicants were asked to consider before applying for early access to this feature. 

  • Launch readiness: Make sure your game is nearly complete and ready to release.
  • High quality: Only high quality games will be eligible for this program. To ensure your game is ready for pre-registration, run tests to get feedback from users and resolve any issues.
  • Support for your campaign: To ensure a successful pre-registration campaign, be prepared to market your game across channels and build awareness before your launch.
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