Billing, reporting, and order cancellation issues

You can find answers to many questions about billing, reporting, and order cancellations in the Play Console Help Center, and our support team can help with the rest.

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View app statistics and financial reports

In Play Console, you can find detailed statistics and financial reports that can help you learn more about your app's performance.

You can learn how to access these reports on the following pages:

Orders are being canceled

In some cases, orders can be canceled by a user or refunded by Google. Refunds are issued as a courtesy to your users or as required by law and are included in our Developer Distribution Agreement. After an order is canceled, it can’t be reinstated.

Here are some instances when refunds can be issued:

  • User returns a paid app: After purchasing a paid app, a user has up to 2 hours to return it for a full refund. They can only return an app once. If they purchase the same app again, they won’t be able to return it a second time.
  • User requests a refund: Users can request a refund on Google Play.
  • Unauthorized or accidental purchases: In some cases, our support team may refund purchases made by mistake or without the user’s consent.

Also, if Google determines that an order is high risk or doesn’t follow our policies, the order can be canceled for your protection. To learn more about how Google detects and helps prevent fraud, visit Merchant fraud protection.

Incomplete in-app purchase transactions

If users are having issues making in-app purchases, they may contact you for help. If you’re unable to help them on your own, additional troubleshooting steps for in-app purchases and payment issues are available on the Google Play Help Center.

If users are still unable to complete their in-app purchases, you can contact our support team. To help us look into the issue, make sure to include the following information:

  • Screenshot of the issue
  • Sample order IDs with the issue
  • Impacted SKUs
  • Which in-app billing API call is failing?
  • What error codes are you seeing?
  • Description of how you’re using in-app billing: Are you using server-side validation? What type of item is it?
  • Bug report produced using Android Debug Bridge
Change currency in a Play Console account

If you want to change your Play Console account to use a different currency, you need to create a new Play Console account using a different email address. If you need to create a new Google Account, you can create one anytime.

When creating your new Play Console account, you can select a different country to change the currency that your account uses. After you create a new account, our support team can transfer your apps to your new account and then refund your original registration fee.

I can’t view or refund individual orders

If you're an account owner, you can access merchant features in Play Console.

To let other users access these features, account owners need to give users permissions to "View financial data" and "Manage orders."

If you have the required permissions, you can find orders in Play Console to review order details or provide refunds. If you see a message that you’re blocked from issuing refunds or canceling subscriptions, you’ve reached the limit for your account.

Update where your payments are sent

If you have a paid app or offer in-app purchases, you can update the bank account where your payments are sent. To update your account in the Google payments center, use the following instructions:

  1. Add a new bank account.
  2. Verify your account.
  3. Set the new account as your primary account for payment.

Note: If you have only one verified bank account on your payments profile, you can remove it only after you add another bank account.

Request value-added tax (VAT) invoices

If you’re normally charged value-added tax on Google Play purchases, you can request a VAT invoice in the Google payments center.

Find your Play Console registration receipt

After you register for a Play Console account, you will receive a receipt in your email.

To find the receipt, sign in to the Gmail account that you used to register for your Play Console account, and search for "Developer Registration Fee."

Note: If you can’t find your receipt and need your transaction ID to transfer an app, review your transactions in the Google payments center.

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