Changes to your Play Console data

You may notice the following changes within Play Console:

Updates to reports

In late May 2018, you may begin to see changes in your app's metrics based on your users' deletion of data. Some metrics are calculated based on data from users who have agreed to share their data with developers in aggregate.

The metrics that we provide in Play Console are adjusted to closely reflect data from all of your users. However, Google will not display data that falls under certain minimum thresholds.

Delete an app or game

You can permanently remove draft apps or games from Play Console. You can also delete:

  • Published apps or games that haven't been installed on any devices 
  • Published apps or games that no users are entitled to re-install 

In these cases, contact our support team to request for the permanent deletion of your app's or game's data.

Download account data

If you're a Play Console account owner or admin, you can download certain types of account data using Google Takeout.

Other data (for example, financial reports) can still be downloaded through Play Console by users with the appropriate permissions.

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