Transfer apps to a different developer account

If you have apps that you want to transfer to a different Google Play developer account, you can submit a transfer request after reviewing the instructions below.

Get your app ready to transfer

Step 1: Review policy guidelines and service fee tier

For all developers:

The original account and all apps being transferred must comply with all policy guidelines.

For developers enrolled in the 15% service fee tier:

When an app is transferred between developer accounts in separate Account Groups, all of the app’s earnings will be included in each Account Group’s total earnings for that calendar year.

For example, if a developer account in Account Group A has an app that has earned $100,000 (USD) in earnings this year that is then transferred to another developer account in Account Group B, the $100,000 (USD) earnings will be included on both Account Group A and Account Group B’s total earnings for purposes of calculating the first $1 million (USD) in earnings for this year.

Step 2: Download reports you may need later

When you transfer apps to a different account, your apps' users, download statistics, ratings and reviews, content ratings, and store listing information are all transferred to your new account.

Your bulk export reports, payout reports, and earnings reports won't transfer with the app, so you may want to download any reports you'll need later. New versions of these reports will be created once the app transfers to a new account.
Step 3: Make sure your Google Play Developer accounts are registered and active

Before you can submit a transfer request from your original account to a different account (known as your target account), both Google Play developer accounts need to be registered and active.

To confirm an account is active, make sure:

  • Original account: You're able to sign in.
  • Target account: Your registration is complete. If you see the message "Why can't I publish" in the app header, review the information provided to resolve any missing information.

Note: If you create a new target account, you need to pay a US$25 registration fee. After the transfer is complete, if you want to close your original account, our support team can refund the registration fee for that account.

Step 4: Find the target account transaction ID

You'll need the registration transaction ID for your account and the target account. To find the transaction ID, search the target account owner's email inbox for “developer registration fee.”

If you can’t find the transaction ID email receipt:

  1. With the target account owner's email address, sign in to Google Payments.
  2. On the left menu, select Activity.
  3. Find and select the transaction for your developer account registration.
    • Tip: Search your transactions for “Google Play Developer.”
  4. Your transaction ID is listed near the bottom of the transaction details.

Registration transactions IDs are typically in one of the following formats:

  • 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
  • 0.G.123456789012345
  • Registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
  • PDS.1234-5678-9012-3456

Important: When providing your transaction ID during the app transfer request process, remove the first part of the order ID (for example, discard "0.G." or the digits before the words "token" or "Registration").

Additional requirements for select apps

Play App Signing

For apps using Play App Signing, both the original owner and target account may wish to consider the security of both the upload key and the app signing key.

  • Upload key: If there is a concern using the same upload key before and after the transfer, the target account can request a new upload key as per the instructions outlined under "Lost or compromised upload key?"
  • App signing key: If there is a concern using the same app signing key before and after the transfer, the target account can request a new signing key via key upgrade for new installs. Google Play would then use the new key to sign new installs and app updates. There are some important considerations before requesting a key upgrade. Instructions can be found under "Upgrade your app signing key for new installs."
Paid apps or apps with in-app products

If you're transferring paid apps or apps with in-app products, your target account needs to have an active payments profile.

If you're using a different default currency on your target account, default currency changes will be automatically applied:

  • In-app purchases only: After your app is transferred to your target account, the app will be unpublished until you publish it again. Once you've verified the new prices on your target account, publish the app again.
  • Paid apps: Default currency changes will be automatically applied to app prices.

Tip: If you're only transferring free apps and have completed the previous steps, move on to the next step.

Apps that use integrated services

If your app uses any integrated services, including Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google Play game services, make sure to update your account settings and apps.

  • Google Analytics: Add permissions for your target account to your Google Analytics account.
  • Google Developers Console projects: Add your target account as an Owner for your Google Developers Console projects. These projects can include Google+ sign-in, Google Play game services, and other Google APIs.
  • Firebase projects: Unlink any Firebase projects from the original Play Console account and link the projects to the target account.
  • Ad SDK integrations (including AdMob): Once your apps have been transferred to your target account, to make sure ad traffic is credited to the correct account, all ad SDK integrations will need to be updated in your apps' APK files.
  • APK translations: If you have any translation projects in progress using Google Play's translation service, they need to be completed before your app(s) can be transferred.
  • Managed Google Play: To transfer a private app, make sure that the account to which you want to transfer your app is associated with your organization. Before the transfer can be completed, you'll need to temporarily unpublish your app and remove organization restrictions. Our support team will work with you to minimize the time your app isn't visible. Existing users will still be able to use and reinstall the app during the transfer process.
    • Note: Private apps created with the managed Google Play iFrame cannot be transferred to a different developer account

Tip: If you need help transferring a game services project, contact our support team.

What will be transferred with the app

  • All users, statistics, data, comments, ratings, subscriptions, and others that are related to the app are also transferred.
  • Orders that are created before the app is transferred will remain in the original account. If you need to refund these orders, you must go back to the original account or use Google Play Developer API.
  • Your bulk export reports, estimated sales reports, and earnings reports won't be transferred with the app.
  • Promotions will not be transferred to the target account, but previously issued Promo Codes should still work.
  • Test groups (open, closed, internal test, and internal sharing) can’t be transferred between accounts. You will need to recreate any closed testing groups in your new account, and users may need to opt-in to the test again.
  • Permissions/linkage settings for integrated services will not be transferred. Make sure to update your account settings and apps.
  • We will transfer any documentation or information you've submitted in the past to the new developer account. This may include, for example, policy declaration submissions or other information you provided via the App content page (Policy > App content).

Submit your transfer request

After you've completed the steps above, you're ready to submit your transfer request. This request will then be received by the target developer for review and approval. Finally, our support team reviews and replies to transfer requests within 2 business days.

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