Requirements for distributing apps in Korea

To distribute your apps in Korea, you may need to complete additional requirements to comply with Korean regulatory authorities.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of legal requirements to publish your apps on Google Play. These requirements are provided for your reference and should not be solely used to determine whether your app is compliant with Korean law or Google Play policies.

Requirements for all developers

Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee (GRAC): Games

The Korean GRAC is a games review and licensing authority in Korea. By Korean law, games that aren't suitable for minors under 18 years of age can only be published if a rating certificate is issued by the GRAC.

For high-maturity games, you’re expected to comply with rating and other disclosure requirements under the Game Industry Promotion Act of Korea. If your games are not deemed as mature (18+) content by the GRAC, there’s no additional action required on your part to complete this specific requirement.

Here are the content categories that GRAC reviews to determine if games are suitable for minors under 18:

  • Sexuality
  • Violence
  • Crime and drugs
  • Improper language
  • Gambling

Gambling & casino-style games

Any game with simulated gambling functionality is considered unsuitable for minors younger than 18.

If you have gambling or casino-style elements in your game, you need to request a GRAC rating certificate before your game can be distributed in Korea.

If you don’t get a rating certificate from GRAC prior to distributing your game in Korea, your game may be ineligible for distribution in Korea or removed from Google Play.

For more information, visit the GRAC site.

Korean Ministry of Gender Equality & Family (MOGEF): Age verification

MOGEF is a government agency that monitors and implements content regulations and policies in Korea related to gender equity, family and youth. Under the Juvenile Protection Act of Korea, the provider of any app or content that MOGEF designates as 'harmful to juveniles' needs to verify the age and real name of users before providing access to mature content.

If you have content that is considered 'harmful to juveniles' in your app(s), you’re expected to comply with rating and other disclosure requirements stipulated under the Juvenile Protection Act of Korea.

On Google Play, we’ve adopted an age verification system in Korea that requires users to verify their age and real name before they can access apps or content designated as 'harmful to juveniles'.

If your app is compliant with Google Play developer policies, but designated by MOGEF as 'harmful to juveniles', Korean users may still be able to access your app if they can verify that their age is 19 or older. If your app or content is designated with a maturity level that is illegal under Korean law, it will be ineligible for distribution in Korea or removed from Google Play.

For more information, visit the MOGEF site.

Korean Communications Commission (KCC): Location requests

KCC is a government agency that monitors and implements broadcasting and telecommunications-related regulations and policies in Korea. Under the Location Information Protection and Usage Act of Korea, developers that collect location information from Korean users for location-based services need to obtain a licence from KCC.

If you receive or use location information to provide location-based services, you need to report details of the service to KCC. This includes the relevant terms and conditions of the location services, details about the collection and usage of location information and any fees related to related business and services.

Based on Korean law, it’s your responsibility as a developer to get consent from Korean users when collecting location information or providing location-based services.

For more information, visit the KCC site.

Additional required account information for developers in Korea

To comply with Korean law, developers in Korea distributing apps on Google Play need to provide additional information through the Play Console.


If you’re a developer based in Korea, here’s the additional information that you need to add to your Account Details page. This information is required so that users can contact you with questions about your product.

  • Businesses: Contact address and phone number
  • Individuals: Contact phone number

Note: If you or your business also distributes paid apps or apps with in-app purchases, you also need to include your:

  • Business registration number
  • E-commerce licence number
  • Name of agency that issued the e-commerce licence

Add requirements to your Account Details page

Here’s where you can add your required account information on the Play Console.

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Settings Settings.
  3. On your Account Details page, next to 'Business contact details', type your information.
  4. Near the top of the page, click Save.

Note: Information added to your 'Business contact details' section will only be shown to users in Korea on your app’s Store Listing page on Google Play.

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