Ending support for Google Play Games AppState API

Starting in Spring 2015, we’ll be ending support for the Google Play Games AppState API. To avoid any potential interruption, game developers that are using AppState should migrate from using the AppState service to the new Google Play Games Saved Games service as soon as possible.

Compared to the AppState service, the Saved Games service offers improved functionality for saving game state information and visually displaying players’ game progression. To learn more about using Saved Games, visit the Android Developers site.

If I’m already using Saved Games, do I need to do anything?

If you’ve already migrated from using AppState to Saved Games, there’s no action required on your part.

Only developers who haven’t yet migrated from AppState to Saved Games will need to update their games.

Where can I learn how to migrate to Saved Games?

To learn how to migrate from AppState to Saved Games, visit the Developers blog for help.

Why is AppState being deprecated?

The new Saved Games service offers the same functionality as AppState, but with improved functionality for saving game information and displaying game progression. Saved Games provides a more complete, reliable service that offers more features than AppState.

What happens if I don’t update my game?

If you don’t update your game to use Saved Games before AppState is deprecated, the AppState API will stop responding to requests. You’ll need to update to Saved Games to turn some of your game’s features on again.

To avoid any interruption in your games’ features, update to Saved Games as soon as possible.

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