Google Play Developer API

The Google Play Developer API allows you to programmatically perform actions on the Google Play Developer Console. We have provided a number of client libraries you can use to programmatically access the REST APIs.

Consult the documentation managed on the Google Developers site for a full feature overview and detailed reference materials.

Users of the v1 Google Play Developer API should be aware that the following v1 resource names have changed in the update to v2:

Publishing API

You can use the Google Play Developer Publishing API to perform the following actions:

  • Upload APKs to the Alpha, Beta, Staged Rollout and Production distribution channels
  • Edit What’s New text for each APK you manage
  • Edit Store Listing text and graphic assets
  • Manage translations for your Store Listing, including localized text and graphic assets

Get started

To get started, you’ll need to create or link an existing API project to your Google Play Developer Console account. Once linked, you can add and manage OAuth clients, or Service Accounts to access the API.

Edits and Commits

Actions using the Publishing API are temporarily stored in a transaction, or “edit”. This allows you to make all necessary changes, then commit those changes at once. Learn more about edits and commits.

Not all the methods provided by the Google Play Developer Publishing API use the new, transactional "edits" functionality. Methods for In-App Product catalog management and Purchase Status APIs take effect immediately, whether or not there is an open edit for the app. Each resource's API reference page notes specifically whether the methods for that resource use the "edits" model.

In-App Product catalog management

Make managing in-app products easier by using the Google Play Developer API to generate a list of, add, edit, or delete in-app products.

Purchase Status API

Use the Purchase Status API to check the purchase status of in-app products or subscriptions, or directly cancel a user’s subscription.

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