Test in-app billing with application licensing

With application licensing, you can set up a list of Gmail accounts to test your in-app billing & subscription integration. Your own publishing account is always considered a licensed tester. 

Set up application licensing

To set up application licensing, start by adding your list of tester's Gmail addresses in Play Console. 

  1. Go to Play Console.
  2. Select Settings Settings > Account details.
  3. Under "License Testing," add your testers' Gmail addresses.
  4. At the top of the screen, select Save.

Once your list is ready, make sure:

Test in-app billing & subscriptions

You're able to purchase your own app, in-app item, or subscription as a test purchase. Once you've set up application licensing, authorized users can also purchase in-app products and subscriptions without charging the users’ accounts.

When making a purchase from a license test user, you will see two choices for payment method: 

  • “Test card, always approves”
  • “Test card, always declines" 

Before they can be tested, your in-app products and subscriptions need to be published.

Learn more about testing in-app billingand using static responses .

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