Receive performance notifications

On the web version of Play Console, you can keep up with your app's performance via notifications.

How to receive notifications

  1. Open Play Console.
  2. Click Setup Notifications.
  3. Choose what you want to be notified about and click the boxes.
  4. Click Save in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

App notifications

Notifications are based on your app's statistics. If there's a significant change in your app's performance indicators, you will receive an email.

Types of notifications
Notifications Description
  • Your app receives a new review.
Updated reviews
  • A user updates the review after you've replied to it.
ANRs and crashes
  • Significant ANR or crash cluster changes have been detected.
Android vitals 
  • Significant vitals changes have been detected.

Google Play Games services alerts

If you receive a Google Play Games services alert, it may require some action on your part.

Types of game services alerts
Alert Description
Detected abuse of feature
Game service rate limit exceeded for method_name
  • Your game is making a larger than normal number of game service API calls and is being rate limited for some players.
  • Find out more about detecting rate limiting to ensure that game features like achievements, scores or matches work consistently and reduce your game’s battery consumption.
Game is approaching or exceeding daily quota
  • Your game is approaching or exceeding the daily quota for game API requests.
  • The most common reason for this is calling game services APIs repeatedly. Check and manage your daily quota to avoid exceeding this limit.
Game settings not published.
  • You defined your game services settings but they are not published.
  • Publish your changes so that game features and experiences will work and look as expected.
Incorrect ID used for (achievements | leaderboards)
  • This alert is shown when your game is attempting to access a game API using the wrong resource ID.
  • Calling the correct ID will make sure that the game feature will show the correct player data when unlocking achievements or granting a score.
  • Learn more about setting up a leaderboard and achievements.
Duplicate images
  • This alert is shown when your game uses the same image for multiple achievements or leaderboards.
  • It's more effective to use different images to distinguish achievements and leaderboards.
Detected incorrect implementation Real-time multiplayer or turn-based multiplayer: this game has implemented invitations but doesn't allow users to join a match from an invitation. This approach is discouraged because it could result in a poor user experience.

Achievements: This game has created achievements in Play Console but never calls the SDK's unlock methods. This approach is discouraged because it could result in a poor user experience.

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