Additional contact information required for Korean app developers

In compliance with Korean law, Korean developers selling apps must provide additional information on the Account Details page of the Play Console.

Additional required details

  • Contact Information: Businesses must provide a contact address and contact telephone number. Individuals must only provide a contact telephone number. This information is intended to allow users to contact you with issues concerning apps.
  • For Korean businesses distributing paid apps, or apps with in-app purchases, please include:
    • Business registration number
    • E-commerce license number
    • The name of the agency which issued the e-commerce license

Update your Account Details

  1. On your Play Console, go to Account details.
  2. In the "Business contact details" field, enter the required information.
  3. Save your changes.

Once you've updated your Account Details, this information will be exposed only to Korean users beneath the description of your applications.

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