Account owner and user access

There are two levels of access in the Google Play Developer Console:

  • Account owner - The first account registered with the Google Play Developer Console is the account owner. The account owner has full access to the Google Play Developer Console. Only the account owner can invite new users, revoke Developer Console access, or set the permissions that each user has. Additionally, only the account owner can have a Google Wallet Merchant account linked in order to sell paid apps.
  • Users - Each user can have different levels of access to the Developer Console. Users can be given access to all applications, or specific applications. Users do not need to pay the $25 Developer registration fee in order to access your Google Play Developer account.
Users can’t invite new users, edit user permissions, or pay the developer account signup fee on behalf of the account owner.

Managing Users

From the User accounts & rights settings, you can add users, manage their permissions, and remove access.

Adding Users

  1. Log into the Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select User accounts & rights.
  4. Click Invite New User.
  5. Finally, enter the user's email address, grant permissions, and then click Send Invitation.
    You can choose from a pre-defined list of roles for the user, or grant specific permissions. Please note, when adding permissions from this screen, this applies to all apps. If you'd prefer to restrict the user to a specific app, leave the permissions unchecked and manage the user's permissions once they've been invited.

Invitations appear in the account owner's Developer Console under Pending Invitations until the user validates their email address and accepts the invitation.

An email will be sent to the new user's email address. They will need to log in to the Developer Console with an existing Google account, or create a new Google account. If the invited user signs into the Developer Console with an email address other than the one where they received the invitation, the account owner will need to authorize the new account. Once the user accepts the invite, the account owner will receive a confirmation email.

Configuring User Permissions

Choose a pre-defined role for the user, or check individual boxes to enable account-wide permissions.

If you'd prefer to grant a user permissions for a specific app:

  1. Click the gear icon.
  2. Click Add app specific rights
  3. Search for the app.
  4. Click on the app.
  5. Search again and click another app to add permissions for multiple apps at once.
  6. Check the permissions for the user.
  7. Click Add rights.

To remove app specific rights for a user, click the X.

Definitions of Available Permissions

  • Create & edit draft apps - Create new apps in draft, or edit existing drafts. Users cannot publish applications to production.
  • Edit store listing, pricing & distribution - Edit store listing including text and images for a published production app, including “what’s new.” Edit pricing and distribution for a published production app. Edit in-app products for a published production app.
  • Manage Production APKs - Publish or make any changes to APKs that are in production. (Publish APKs, edit APK Expansion Files, configure a staged rollout, change the list of blacklisted devices, unpublish an app, upload and manage draft APKs in production.)
  • Manage Alpha & Beta APKs - Make changes to APKs that are in alpha, beta, or draft status. Upload draft APKs, manage APKs in alpha or beta, manage APK Expansion files, edit “what’s new”, unpublish an app that has only been published in alpha or beta.
  • Manage Alpha & Beta users - Edit the set of groups and communities that have access to an app in alpha or beta.
  • View financial information - View financial reports, sales reports and the link to the Wallet Merchant Center.
  • Reply to reviews - Respond to user reviews on the Google Play store (reviews are still visible without this).
  • Edit games - Edit all information for Google Play game services.
  • Publish games - Publish a new game, or unpublish and republish existing games with Google Play game services.

The following access controls are only available for developer accounts with Private Channel apps:

  • Create Private Channel apps - Create an app that is restricted to the Google Play Private Channel for your Google Apps domain.
  • Edit Private Channel restriction - Restrict a publicly visible app to the Google Play Private Channel or make a restricted app visible publicly.

Removing Users

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Next, select User accounts & rights.
  3. Then, find the user who you'd like to delete.
  4. Under Actions, select the gear icon.
  5. Finally, select Remove user from console.
If you are selling apps on Google Play, please keep in mind that users' permissions are not synced between the Developer Console and your Google Wallet Merchant Center. Adding users in the Merchant Center will not also grant access to the Developer Console. Learn more about Google Wallet Merchant Center permissions.