Download sales & payout reports

If you offer apps on Google Play, you can find detailed reports of transactions using the web version of your Play Console.

Here are the types of transaction reports you can download:

  • Earnings Reports: Generated near the beginning of the month.
  • Estimated Sales Reports: Generated daily by adding all transactions that were CHARGED or REFUNDED recently to the current month's file. It can take several days for all new transactions to appear.

Note: Financial data is based on the UTC time zone.

Download sales & payout reports

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Download reports > Financial.
  3. Under "Earnings reports" or "Estimated sales reports," click to download your latest report or select a year and month to download a different report. Your report will be downloaded as a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

View an individual app’s financial data

To get a more detailed view of your buyers' interactions, you can view an individual app's financial data.

Download reports from Google Cloud Storage

You can access and download reports as CSV files from Google Cloud Storage. Reports are generated daily and accumulated in monthly CSV files.

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