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Describe "What’s New" in your app

On your Google Play Developer Console, you can let your users know about recent updates you've made for each version of your app by adding text in your app's "What's new in this version?" section.

Note: Your "What's new in this version?" description should be used to inform existing users about what's changed in the latest version of your app. It should not be used for promotional purposes or to solicit actions from your users.

Updating What’s New

Any user with access to Edit store listing, pricing & distribution can update What's New text for your app using a few different methods. To get started:

  1. Choose the app you want to update
  2. Go to the APK page on the left navigation
  3. Click on the tab for the appropriate track (Production, Beta, or Alpha)

From the APK Upload dialog

  1. Click Upload New APK…
  2. Upload your new version
  3. Update the text in the What’s new in this version? section
  4. Save your new version

From the Promote dialog (Alpha or Beta only)

  1. Click the Promote… button
  2. Choose the version you’re promoting to (e.g. Promote to Prod, Promote to Beta)
  3. Update the text in the What’s new in this version? section
  4. Click Move and Publish to finish the promotion

From the APK Details

  1. Click on the APK version that you’d like to update
  2. Click Edit or Add text, and update the text in the What’s new in this version? section
  3. Click Save and Publish at the bottom of the dialog

The Store Listing page

Recent Changes are no longer managed on the Store Listing page. Manage your What’s New text from the APK page using the instructions above.

Reusing text from another version

You can avoid retyping your What’s New text by reusing the text from a different version. If reusable text is available, you’ll see the option when adding or editing your text. Reusing text from another version also copies the What’s New text for other languages you have provided a translation for.

Managing translations

Text in the What’s New section may be automatically translated on Google Play. If you prefer to provide a specific translation for a given supported language, you must first Add translations for that language on your Store Listing. Once defined, you can choose the language from the dropdown and add the translation.

What’s New displayed on Google Play

Users browsing Google Play on their device will see the most relevant What’s New text in the Play Store app. The text is based on the version of your app they are eligible to download. For example, a user that is opted-in to your Alpha tester program will see What’s New text from your Alpha APK Details.

Users viewing Google Play in a web browser only see the Production version of your app’s What’s New text.

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