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Apps missing on Google Play

If you are concerned about your applications' visibility in Google Play, please note that there are several factors that may influence how an application shows up in search results within the Google Play store. In general, when a Google Play user searches or browses in the Google Play store, results are filtered based on a number of elements.

First, the manifest file and the device's hardware and features are part of how applications are filtered. In addition, filtering also depends on the country and mobile carrier, the presence or absence of a SIM card, and other factors. For example, if an application requires the telephony feature (as specified in the manifest file), then Google Play will not show the app on any device that does not support it, which is majority of tablets. Same with API levels: if the application requires a minimum API level 7, it won’t appear for the devices that support only level 6 API or lower. Furthermore, priced applications are only available to users in locations where we currently support buyers.

To find your applications in the Google Play store, you can use the following direct URL formats:


To learn more, please visit:

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